If You Think You Could Learn to Write a Letter Like This One, a World of Six-Figure Copywriting Riches Awaits You. Let Me Show You Show ...

Sack Your Boss. Say Goodbye To Peak Hour Traffic.
Spend More Time With Your Kids.

Dear friend:

Why is it that some people seem to always be working their fingers to the bone for almost slave wages -- for bosses who treat them like second-class citizens -- while other people seem like they have been born with a Midas touch?  

Everything they touch turns to gold.
They hardly seem to work a day in their lives yet they earn big money.

They have the freedom to work whenever they please from wherever they please.

No fighting peak hour traffic. No stressful meetings with their boss. No office politics.

They are always taking time off to spend with their kids – going on  holidays -- enjoying life.

Were they born lucky? Maybe. Maybe not. But what many of them do have that you don’t (yet) is they have discovered the secret that opens up a door to incredible wealth.

Let me also show you what’s on the other side of that door  ...

It’s salesmanship – more specifically, salesmanship in print.

If you can master that in the business world, a treasure trove of money is ready and waiting for you to simply pick it up.

Simply, if you can write copy that sells, the world is your oyster.

You are ALWAYS employable yet you NEVER need to work for a boss ever again.

You can command seriously big dollars for your copywriting services and get paid a percentage of gross revenue.

You can make a lot of money selling your own products online e-books, courses, ebay items ... anything.
In fact, you can start your own business selling anything at all because you know that you can write marketing material that sells.

Think about it:

The success of every business is dependent on its ability to make sales.

If you can write copy that sells up a storm, you become a lynchpin for that client or for your own business.

Let me help you become a master.

You might be a working copywriter who would like to brush up on their direct response copywriting skills.

Or – you might be a stay-at-home mum who would like to earn an income from home in a flexible environment.

You might be an internet entrepreneur keen to learn how to write your own copy so you can save money on engaging a copywriter.

Or – you might simply love writing and be keen to earn money doing what you love.

Regardless of your situation, with our self-paced "Fast Track to Six-Figure Copywriting Profits " Home-Study course you learn everything you need to write sizzling copy and making great money doing it.

I’m Kristina (some people may remember me as Kris Mills or Kris Fitzsimmons).

For the last 17 years I've had the incredible privilege of writing copy that seriously transforms the profits of businesses (in dollar terms my copy would have earned them several tens of millions of dollars).

Today, I rarely work one-on-one with clients but when I do, I charge $2,000 minimum per project and my asking fee for a sales letter is anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000. We have even invoiced one client as much as $350,000.

But here's the best part ...

I get to work my own hours. There's no peak hour traffic. No need to spend hours putting on make-up. In Summer, I dress for work every day at my home office in shorts and a tank top.

On most days I finish work at 2.45pm and spend the afternoon enjoying my sons.

It's an awesome life! And it's one that YOU can enjoy too ... by becoming a professional copywriter.

One of the reasons it is so awesome is because the opportunities are endless.

Let’s take a look ...

With the explosion of the internet, there has never been a greater demand for quality copywriters (after all, just about every business needs a website.).

So the opportunities for writing web copy alone are MASSIVE.
Think online sales letters, email campaigns, online catalogues, blogs (blogs, blogs and more blogs), articles, search-engine-optimised websites, brochures, corporate website copy (as well as the endless amount of "offline" writing that is in-demand right now).

Our Fast-Track To Six Figure Copywriting Profits course not only shows you how to write for each of these markets, you also learn how to detect opportunities and how to sell yourself too.

It’s a self-paced home-study course designed to infuse you with the skills you need to write copy professionally and subsequently get paid a lot of money for those skills.

What's Inside the Course?

  • An online manual containing 22 comprehensive lessons spanning 790+ pages (approx) presented in an accelerated learning format to enable you to fast-track your progress.

    See what's inside – click here

  • 18 exercises designed to integrate your learnings plus oodles of case studies and examples.
  • Graded assignments where you receive 1on1 feedback from a professional copywriter (worth $900) (gold level)
  • 1 x 30 minute telephone coaching session (worth $150)(gold level)
  • FREE access to the IWCA Online Learning Centre: Apart from the lesson material, this site is absolutely spilling over with articles on copywriting, direct mail, web writing, marketing, freelance copywriting, selling your services and much more.
  • You'll read even more case studies and before-and-after examples, marketing test results and you'll get the opportunity to interact with us and with other students via discussion forums and polls. Plus ... we're adding to it all the time.
  • Little Black Book of Cheat Sheets, Formulae and Checklists – this pocket-sized reference guide can be taken with you everywhere so you always have powerful idea starters and step-by-step instructions at our fingertips - for brochures, websites, ads, online ads, direct mail, online copy, seo copy, newsletters and more.
  • Marketing Needs Analysis Questionnaire which gives you dozens of questions to help you uncover your potential client's core needs.

"... top 5"

"Kris is easily one of the top 5 direct response copywriters in this country. I've worked with international copywriting legends like Bob Bly and Kris is right up there in that category. Great DR copywriters are as rare as hens' teeth in Australia. I feel fortunate that I stumbled across Kris."

Peter Nicholas — CEO,
Cat Media, Sydney
Australia's cosmetics king (creators of CelluFirm, Beta-Lift, Potent-C, Vein Away.)

Certificate of Completion (worth $25)

Once you have finished the course we mail you an attractively-presented Certificate of Completion which proves you are a professionally trained copywriter. Frame it or add to your CV and further your career prospects.

Free Student Card (worth $25)

This card identifies you as a student of the College of Copywriting and Marketing, which may provide you with discounts on various purchases.

Get Paid To Learn 6 Months FREE Membership To Our Writer Referral Service (worth $395)

Each week we receive numerous requests for copywriting and marketing consulting help from small business owners, internet entrepreneurs and from large corporations – here in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, Canada and UK.

We then forward these requests to our network of IWCA qualified writers and consultants – writers and consultants like you, potentially.

Writers and marketing consultants who complete any of our certification courses or mentoring programs receive 6 months FREE membership to our Writer Opportunities service (worth $300 p.a.). ‘

Enrol and you get access to potential clients who are ready to engage a copywriter or consultant right now.

There’s no need to pay anything for advertising and marketing.  Nor are there any commissions or referral fees to pay either.

So – for a relatively small investment in your copywriting education we put you in touch with tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of writing opportunities – just waiting for you to contact and sell yourself to them (and – we  even show you how to do the selling).

More FREE Bonuses $550+ in Business Builders and Writing Tools

Invest in “Fast-Track to Six Figure Copywriting Profits” today and we'll include these valuable marketing tools free. 

BONUS #2 Copywriting Sizzle - Seminar on a Stick featuring 19 mini-workshops (worth $197)

By Paul Dunn and Kristina Mills

The best way to describe the SIZZLE Stick is as "Great Marketing Knowledge On a StickIt's like having a full, one week "transform your advertising and marketing" workshop featuring us (Paul Dunn and Kristina Mills) on a USB stick, complete with full transcript and e-reference guide. Best of all, it's available to you at a fraction of the cost of attending a week-long event.
Here's what you get ...

  • The SIZZLE Stick which is a USB stick featuring special, high-quality, studio recorded audio that you can play on your PC, your IPOD or CD player.
  • 19 mini workshops.
  • It's like an intense but fun "one-on-one” conversation.
  • ... plus the immense value in the bonuses that you'll learn about later.

All you need is a computer with a USB port. A USB stick (also known as a flash, jump or thumb drive) is like a mini hard drive that connects to your computer. Just plug it in, access the "port" and you're away.
Inside you will learn how to write sizzling copy. And more specifically ...

  • Headlines and opening paragraphs that SIZZLE and draw your customers to you
  • Step-by-Step Formulae for writing ads, emails, letters (all different types), Yellow Pages ads, websites, online sales letters and more
  • Offers that SIZZLE
  • Risk reversal strategies that SIZZLE
  • Web words that SIZZLE
  • Learn how to write online sales letters that SIZZLE
  • Master the art of writing emails that get read and acted on
  • Get wonderful insights into email subject headings, style, SIZZLE words and more
  • See how to make your print advertising really work
  • Tap into Yellow Pages(R) Directory riches by seeing how to create Yellow Pages(R)Directory ads that SIZZLE. And interestingly, you'll discover it's a VERY DIFFERENT to traditional print advertising
  • How to make your words flow so that you keep your reader totally involved with you
  • How to build purpose into everything you write to create a great "intent" that brings results
  • See precisely how to change pace to truly open your reader's mind to your ideas
  • Learn some truly brilliant phrases to use to make your ideas literally “come alive” in your reader's mind
  • Amazingly simple ideas to keep your reader riveted and involved right to the end
  • Techniques to convince your reader that your claims are true
  • The TRUE secret of getting people to act (what it is may surprise you)
  • Discover the importance of control how to get it and keep it - to TOTALLY maximize the effectiveness of your communication
  • How to write quotations, offers and proposals that bring you far better results
  • Letters that get people to pay you on-time
  • Building relationships through your words
  • Style … how to build the real you into what you do.

Plus much, much ,more ...

  • Oodles of before and after examples of letters that get results - for appointments, apologies, customer service, debt collection and more.
  • 7 opening catch-alls that create intimacy with your reader
  • And one-word openings that get results plus quotation-style openings and why they ROCK and how to make yours sizzle
  • 10 more opening maxims to make sure your letters get read
  • Dozens of headlines that sell ... and so much more.

"... inspires me to write really good copy"

"I'm really impressed with Kris Mills College of Copy Writing & Marketing Web Writing course "Secrets of Website Copywriting Mastery!". The content, the presentation, Kris's style of getting the message across inspires me to want to write great copy. I find myself wanting to go back to all the copy writing work I've ever done rip it up and start again and all for free too!!! Working in the website industry I know how hard it is to get good content. By applying the basic principles of Kris Mills "Secrets of Website Copywriting Mastery!" you will learn how to write good website copy. Apply the secrets and you'll be in demand and never out of work! "

Duncan Burck

Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript (worth $67)

How to Write An Amazon Best Seller (worth $67)

Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Templates and Formulae at Your Fingertips

Receive dozens upon dozens of marketing and advertising checklists and spreadsheets to fast-track your learning including:

Brainstorming and Analysis
  • Key Buying Motives Ideas Generator 
  • Key Benefit Identifier 
  • Ideal Client Identifier
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market Research Checklist
  • Lifetime Value Calculator
  • Advertising Goals Analyser
  • Strategy Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Brainstorming Consultation Questionnaire
  • Unique Selling Proposition Worksheet
  • Marketing Needs Analysis
  • Pillar Marketing Diagram
  • Media Spend Analyser
  • Customer Segmentation Formula

Creation Checklists
  • Advertising Brief 
  • Print Ad Strategy and Creative Checklist
  • Advertising Formula Flowchart 
  • Yellow Pages Ad Creation Checklist
  • Newsletter Creation Action Plan 
  • Brochure Creation Action Plan 
  • Design Brief Communications Strategy Worksheet
  • Press Release Creative Checklist
  • PR Communications Strategy checklist
  • Mailing List Selection Checklist
  • Direct Mail Creative Checklist

Planning Tools
  • PR Communications Plan
  • Media Plan Analysis (reviewing and monitoring)
  • Media Planning Worksheet
  • Client Communications Planner
  • Contact Cycle Flowchart
  • Copywriter Selection Guidelines
  • Graphic Designer Selection Guidelines
  • Response Monitoring Form
  • Seminar Coordination Checklist
  • Seminar Marketing Checklist and Action Plan
  • Media Selection Worksheet
  • Venue Selection Checklist
  • Alliance Checklist

Survey Templates
  • Client Needs Feedback Survey
  • Competitor Comparison Survey
  • Customer Frustrations Survey
  • Advertising Feedback form
  • Customer Service Feedback Survey
  • Testimonial Gathering Feedback Survey
  • Seminar Feedback Survey

Sales templates and checklists
  • Cross-Selling Checklist
  • Sales Collateral Checklist
  • Contact Schedule
  • Prospecting Checklist
The Business of Copywriting
  • Marginal Net Worth Spreadsheet
  • 3 ways to grow your business spreadsheet
  • Marketing Plan Template (80  pages)

FREE BONUS 6 Scientific Advertising

by Claude Hopkins

This is THE must-read bible of advertising. The content is brilliant. Talk to anyone who is anyone in advertising and marketing and chances

FREE BONUS 7 Power Word Thesaurus (worth $27)

Kristina Mills

This valuable reference guide features many thousands of powerful advertising words categorised into various easy-to-reference sections to give you 1000's of power words at your finger tips. You'll never be stuck for words again.

FREE BONUS 8 Headlines that Sell (worth $27)

By Kristina Mills

This 30 page e-book features hundreds of the world's greatest ever headlines as well as dozens of headline starters as well as examples from our own portfolio.

FREE BONUS 9 Psychology and Achievement Ebook

by Warren Hilton

This fascinating ebook chronicles the relationship between how we think and how we exist. It is brimming with psychological principles that you can apply to your copywriting.

FREE BONUS 10 The Art of Writing and Other Essays

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Learn how to write masterfully from one of the literary giants of all time.

FREE BONUS 11 How to Speak and Write Correctly

by Joseph Devlin

This educational ebook covers everything you need to know about getting your grammar and punctuation right. It covers sentence structure, punctuation, letter writing, pitfalls to avoid, style, slang, word choice and more.

Choose the Course Package
That Suits You The Best

All students have different skill levels and different reasons for doing the course. That’s why we have developed two versions of the course.

The standard level is deal for working copywriters, small business owners or marketing professionals who simply want the course so they can access the written education and resource material.

The Professional level is for people who have limited copywriting knowledge OR people who would really appreciate the hands-on, one-on-one feedback.

The key differences with the Professional level are that there are  6 assignments that we personally assess and provide you with feedback on. You also get extensive email coaching support as well as a free coaching call. Not only that, you also get MP3 audio recordings of each module so you can embed those learnings as you listen on your IPOD or in your car.




The online course manual itself featuring all the information you need to write professional copy. There are 22 modules, 790 pages, 28 exercises, (worth $697)

Little Black Book of Cheat Sheets, Formulae and Checklists – this pocket-sized reference guide can be taken with you everywhere so you always have powerful idea starters and step-by-step instructions at our fingertips - for brochures, websites, ads, online ads, direct mail, online copy, seo copy, newsletters and more. (worth $19)

Marketing Needs Analysis Questionnaire which gives you dozens of questions to help you uncover your potential client’s core needs.

6 graded assignments where you receive 1on1 feedback from a professional copywriter (worth $900)


2 x 30 minute telephone coaching sessions (worth $300)


1 x 1 hour writing opportunities session with Kristina ($400)


Certificate of Completion (worth $25)

Student Card (worth 25)

6 months FREE membership to our Writer Referral Service (worth $395)


Real life work experience with real life clients while you study.


12 months subscription to the Wordsthatsell.com.au eletter (worth $97)

FREE BONUS: Copywriting Sizzle Handbook ($97)


FREE BONUS: Copywriting Sizzle -  Seminar on a Stick featuring 19 mini-workshops (worth $197)


FREE BONUS: Marketing Manager’s Toolkit - Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Templates and Formulae at Your Fingertips (worth $67)
Receive dozens upon dozens of marketing and advertising checklists and spreadsheets to fast-track your learning including:

FREE BONUS: Marketing Plan Kit template – 80 page template plus strategy guide (worth $67)


FREE BONUS: Power Word Thesaurus (worth $27) 
This valuable reference guide features many thousands of powerful advertising words categorised into various easy-to-reference sections to give you 1000's of power words at your finger tips. You’ll never be stuck for words again.

FREE BONUS: Headlines that Sell (worth $27)
This 30page ebook features many hundreds of the greatest headlines of all time as well as dozens of headlines starters you can build winning headlines from

FREE BONUS: Psychology and Achievement Ebook

FREE BONUS: The Art of Writing and Other Essays 

FREE BONUS: How to Speak and Write Correctly 

FREE BONUS: Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript (worth $97)

FREE BONUS: How to Write an Amazon Best Seller (worth $97)

Total value



Your investment (when you pay in full)






SAVE $3014.00

Why Study with International Writers and Consultants Academy?

By now you have perhaps seen a few courses and you’re weighing up your options.
You’ve probably seen some courses that give you a manual and some CD’s but don’t give you an opportunity to get feedback on your work. Nor is there an opportunity to ask questions as you progress through the course.
Some might give you tuition on how to write great copy but when it comes to showing you how to sell yourself as a copywriter, the information is very light-on.
The great news is, we offer all this and then some.
You receive SO much more than just the tools, education and support to be a great writer. You also get the support, the secrets, the mentoring and the inspiration to live an amazing life.

1. To start with, this course teaches you professional copywriting, writing and consulting skills that get real results for your clients (these underlined words are important because not all writing and consulting does get results). Apart from the 790 page manual, the 28 exercises and assignments and the one-on-one tutoring you also get:
  • Cheat sheets to cut down your writing time and boost results
  • Templates that you can adapt on the fly
  • Copywriters’ Little Black Book featuring oodles of  formulae and checklists for all different media – brochures, websites, ads, online ads, direct mail, online copy, seo copy, newsletters and more.
  • Real life work experience with real life clients while you study.
  • One-on-one feedback from successful freelance writers, consultants and entrepreneurs
  • Kristina’s Advertising Swipe File complete with 100’s of winning ads, letters, brochures, websites, written by Kristina herself and my many of the world’s masters in copywriting.

2. Run a successful writing business 

This Fast-Track course gives you valuable tools to build a successful writing business. We also offer a range of other courses and mentoring which provide:

  • A to Z of starting your own business
  • Consultative Selling Systems Kits completed with scripts, training, objection handling, proposal formats, pricing strategies that work, and more.
  • Productivity systems to get more from your day
  • Pricing and Fee-Charging Systems to minimise write-offs
  • Client Nurturing Systems to maximise repeat business
  • Business systemisation strategies to make things run smoothly.
  • Business and Marketing Plan templates and more.
3. Get paid writing opportunities on a platter

We directly refer paying clients to you so you can start earning money easily.

4. Get all the contacts you need to succeed in your career and in business.
5. Earn BIG dollars through leverage

We certainly show you how to earn big dollars as a writer or consultant but we do so much more than that.
We also give you access to all the education and contacts you need to leverage your time by helping you create additional income streams in your business via ...

  • Equity participation
  • Joint ventures
  • Pay-for-results engagements
  • Creating and selling information products online
  • Offering marketing consulting services
    • Speaking
    • Referral fees, and more.
6. Live an amazing life ... on your terms

Our goal setting programs, time management and personal development tools help you:

  • Be clear about what your purpose in life is
  • Break through limiting beliefs
  • Achieve your goals
  • Create the lifestyle you want.
7. And to top it off, our key programs come with a 100% money-back GUARANTEE.

Simply, if you’re not 100% happy with the program, for whatever reason, return it for a full refund (minus postage and handling) within 30 days.

Plus, when you do our certification courses, you receive a second guarantee -- a guarantee that you’ll at least earn the equivalent of your tuition fees in copywriting work, within 6 months of completing the course or you’ll receive a full refund (many people recoup their fees in the first month of starting the course)

So – I think you’ll agree that the course offers you an exceptional number of resources to help you succeed. Not only that, we’re so certain you’ll be thrilled with the value of the material on offer, we offer a 100% delight guarantee AND a 100% success guarantee. So - joining us really becomes a no brainer.

SAVE $302.00 When You Pay In Full

If you have the money on hand right now, you can pay in full and SAVE. Invest just $999 for the Professional version or pay in full now and you'll invest just $697. That's a saving of $300. Or pay $497 for the standard version.

Pay in 2 Easy Instalments
And Get Started Today!

If you are on a budget, and can’t afford the full amount right now, we have created an instalment plan to make things easier on your purse strings. It also means there’s no need for you to wait until you have saved enough money. You can start studying immediately.

Your investment will be two monthly instalments of $498.

With either option, we’ll process your credit card today and send you the links to the package immediately so you can get your teeth stuck into the material immediately. No waiting.

You can pay by Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Diners. If you prefer, Australian residents can pay by direct deposit or by cheque.

Just email us for details.

So go to it. Enrol today. Try it out for 30 days and see what you think. If you don’t like it, no hard feelings. Just return it and we’ll refund you. Simple.

Or – if you keep it, and you find that within 6 months you haven’t at least made your tuition fee back in writing projects, again, send the material back and we’ll issue you with a refund. There’s no risk to you.
All you need to do is get just one or two paying writing projects and you’ve paid for the course, simple and if it doesn’t, you get your money back.

Consider this too:

When you imagine -- for a moment -- all the secrets -- the teachings -- the practice and leads you receive just by being part of the course -- it’s easy to see how your small tuition fee will return you WAY more than your tuition fee -- 1, 20, 50, 100 or more times that amount in 12 months or even 6 months time.

Look forward to seeing you shine as a copywriter and hope to see you soon at one of our events.

Take Care

Kristina Mills - Chairwoman
International Writers and Consultants Academy

P.S. One of the questions that people often ask us is ...

"How can you afford to offer SO much resource material and tutoring for such an affordable price?"

The reason why we are able to do that is that the free bonuses and audios are delivered to you online and because of that, we can keep our tuition fees to a minimum.

Here's More Of What People Are Saying About Kristina's Copywriting and Marketing Knowledge Which Feature in the Course ...

" You managed to increase sales by a real 48%"

"Thank you for your work Kris. I am very impressed with the quality and response from Guitar Tips and have recommended you to all my business friends.

I wanted to get my message across to people that I truly have a great product ... but just could not find the right words to use!

After you guys re-wrote my message - You managed to increase my online sales by a real 48% and my existing customers are now recommending it to all their friends because they love it so much!"

Chris Elmore - Guitar Tips

Best copywriter and strategic marketer I've encountered

"Once in a while we cross paths with a special person, someone who is highly talented and a leader in their given field. It's like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Kristina Mills, I am able to say, is one of those special people. She is without a doubt, the best copywriter and strategic marketer I've encountered anywhere in Australia.

Simply put, Kristina is a marketing magician. What she does with words is genius. Her ability to create marketing and promotional pieces and strategies that actually work makes her my first choice whenever I need to generate more sales enquiry for my business."

Peter Hutton , Director , Peter Hutton Real Estate

Brilliant success strategist

"Kristina is one of the most dynamic personalities I have had the pleasure of working with. Her passion, vision and innate wisdom combine with a formidable life and business experience to make her the brilliant success strategist she is."

William Whitecloud, Author of Magician's Way.

Produces positive results

"I've known Kristina for around 15 years… She has a rare talent for communicating powerfully, clearly and effectively. Her depth of marketing knowledge is amazing and she produces positive results. In addition to this, I've found her to be honest and pleasant to work with. I strongly recommend that you contact her if you wish to massively grow your business.

Steven Szabo – ProtecSYS Pty. Ltd.

Extraordinary gifts

"During my time working with Kristina it became crystal clear she has some extraordinary gifts. You first realise that Kristina is a top notch copywriter and marketer who can deliver the results for businesses fortunate enough to hire her. Secondly, Kristina has the rare gift of being able to take that knowledge and coach, train and mentor others. Plus, I found she was just a really nice person to deal with, which as you know is important."

Adam Saunders – Goals In Mind


"Kris is a real Australian success story. She's an amazing master of writing hard selling copy. The results they get for their clients are almost legendary."

Peter Sun — Peter Sun Marketing,
One of Australia's direct marketing legends.

"Incredible copy"

"I wanted to thank you for the incredible copy you wrote for my homepage, sales letter, and auto responders for my email campaign. You took the blueprint of my mind in my ideas and put it into reality in the ad copy. You're the best in the business. Thanks a million."

Ryan Orrell - internetmillions.com

Improved our hit-rate from under 10% to between 70–80%"

" Kris has provided creative, copywriting, layout, printing and direct mail distributions services for The Rock for several years … delivering meaningful benefits to our business in the form of cost-effective marketing strategies, lower direct marketing and distribution costs through out-sourcing, and significant improvements in the overall effectiveness of our direct marketing efforts. Kris re-wrote our brochures and related marketing material and we now have a range of brochures that effectively jump off the counter and shout at people about the benefits of our financial services and products. One of our most recent and successful campaigns orchestrated by Kris is our commercial insurance direct mail campaign which achieved immediate results and improved our hit-rate from under 10% to between 70–80% … the results are testimony to the value she can add to a business such as ours."

Kerry Daly
— Former Managing Director The Rock Building Society, Rockhampton

"... a true sign of a perfectionist"

"Kris was instrumental in the recent overhaul of SEEK's sales collateral. Her contribution was far greater than the bold headlines and compelling copy she suggested to sell our messages - it has actually helped us in our effort to evolve our sales force to solution based selling. Kris conducted her own research and analysis to support and in many cases, extend, our key value propositions.

This was over and above our expectations or brief - a true sign of a perfectionist. The collateral came in on time and within budget and the feedback from our sales force has been wildly positive. One of our top salespersons sent through the following:

"Just sat down with a cup of coffee to devour the new sales collateral. It looks great and covers off all aspects or challenges that are presented to us!! Congratulations and thanks to you and your team."

Katie May — Former Marketing Director
Seek Communications

Exceptional results

"Kristina has a superb talent and helped to achieve our organisation exceptional results."

Jill Price, former Marketing Manager, People Pursuing a Passion

Great results !

"Kristina has consistently delivered high quality work that has had great results for the businesses I have been involved in. If I ever have any copywriting work that needs to be done – Kristina is the first person I turn to."

Paul Wetton – founder, Pachira Capital

Extraordinary ability to write copy

"Kristina is a brilliant presenter and has an extraordinary ability to write copy. Couple that with a caring, can do attitude and you've got an awesome Kristina."

Rik Schnabel
Founder Wealth Club International
Melbourne, Australia

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